Традиционное искусство и айти: картина Веб-технологии

1 сентября, 2021

TL;DR: Чтобы кофе-брейк был нескучным, вот "Веб Технологии", моя неоконченная картина 61х178 см, рассуждалки как рисовать больше, а говнокодить — меньше, как связать традиционное искусство с NFT, планы на будушее и история создания.

Неоконченная картина Веб-технологии

Чё не закончена-то?

это бета-версия 😃

Well, I did not want to show any of my unfinished artworks but I finally decided to show this one in my struggle to leave IT. Traditional art was my salvation from IT insanity for years, but I'm afraid I'll never finish this painting simply because it already lasts for seven (yes, seven!) years. I'm still passionate about IT and my job took the most of my time.

Currently my goal is to find a way to back my passion in art, to paint more and code less. Probably, will try to convert this unfinished painting to NFT. Casting off all the hype, people use NFTs so it's worth to try.

Among other approaches, converting work in progress or almost finished artwork to NFT is an alternative to the destructive way. At least, it looks the most logically correct approach: once finished, the work in progress no longer exists in the real world. All other nondestructive approaches look rather naive than creative.

Well, if you have a better idea you can help me with an advice dropping a line.

I'll probably 'engrave' minted NFT id and id of the first buyer on some of 15 CPUs at the bottom of painting (16th CPU already holds the title of painting and my signature). This way the reverse connection between real and virtual worlds will be established.

In the future

this will be the left side of triptych. I have a primed canvas of the same size for the right part, 'Babylon Tower'.

And the central part... Wow! That's going to be a 70x70 inches of total insanity, the ultimate madness, although it exists only in my imagination so far. And I'm open to your ideas as well!

The history of creation

All started from a quick sketch in 2012:

Веб-технологии, первый скетч

Was I in a bad mood, or had some inspiration? I don't remember. When I published this initial sketch in my blog my friends found it outrageous:

It's IT, dude! Wheels must be square!

One, at least.

"You're a numskull, Axy. How could you miss that?" And I fixed it, and added more stuff:

Веб-технологии, второй скетч

The fun has began.

"There should be a wheelbarrow with shit and IE", one friend advised. I do remember who. Hi there, you were a true oracle.

My apologies, Yukihiro. I haven't written any single line in your beautiful language, but I desired those rails.

Веб-технологии, третий скетч

I needed more and more sheets:

Веб-технологии, третий скетч

I pinned this final sketch to the wall at my workplace and was not going to add anything else. But my wife once told me: you should create a painting. So, it has almost happened!