White drops


Oil on MDF, 18.9x21.3 in (48x54 cm)

A couple of paintings of non-traditional shape.

White drops. Oil on MDF, 18.9x21.3 in (48x54 cm)

If for some reason you need this painting you can try to buy it. Or you can paint exactly the same by yourself.

Width:48 cm18.9 in
Height:54 cm21.3 in
Depth:0.5 cm0.2 in
Weight:0.2 kg0.4 lbs
Package width:28 cm11 in
Package height:46 cm18.1 in
Package depth:6 cm2.4 in
Tare weight:0.1 kg0.2 lbs
Gross weight:0.3 kg0.7 lbs

Original image: white-drops-en.orig.jpg 3072x3520, 2Mb