The Onion Bridge


Oil on MDF, 31.1x19.1 in (79x48.5 cm)

The Onion Bridge connects people. It's a part of Tor project, which is also to spy on and catch bad guys who falsely believe they are anonymous and safe.

The Onion Bridge. Oil on MDF, 31.1x19.1 in (79x48.5 cm)

This painting is currently being exhibited

Width:79 cm31.1 in
Height:48.5 cm19.1 in
Depth:3 cm1.2 in
Weight:2.2 kg4.9 lbs
Package width:87 cm34.3 in
Package height:57 cm22.4 in
Package depth:6.5 cm2.6 in
Tare weight:3.3 kg7.3 lbs
Gross weight:5.5 kg12.2 lbs

Original image: the-onion-bridge-en.orig.jpg 4096x2536, 4.9Mb

The source of inspiration emerged in August 2022 when Tor was banned in Russia. Out of curiosity I checked accessibility of non-public Tor bridges for a couple of weeks, but eventually they were all banned. Of course, new ones emerge sometimes, but paid fags in the service of enemy homeland regularly find and ban them. I'm not paid for my curiosity so I gave a shit.

But then I started dtcm project, and then torcontrol and dtcm2, and when they became production ready this painting was finished, at last.

Back side:

The Onion Bridge

First layer:

First layer

In the beginning:

In the beginning