Oil on Canvas, 10.6x19.7 in (27x50 cm)

Software painting

Software. Oil on Canvas, 10.6x19.7 in (27x50 cm)

This artwork is gifted, but I can paint another one specially for you.

Width:27 cm10.6 in
Height:50 cm19.7 in
Depth:3 cm1.2 in

This seems to be the first my own painting after Dali copies. Presumably inspired by David Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch" movie. There's a verse on the back side. My own.

A red-eyed megabrain is crawling
Along a multi-layered printed circuit board
Belching out millions lines of code
Ninety five percent of those is a smelly crap
All the rest of the code is awfully buggy
But that's okay for the end user.

Back side: