Oil on Canvas, 22.8x27.6 in (58x70 cm)

RFC2549-RFC2979 painting

RFC2549-RFC2979. Oil on Canvas, 22.8x27.6 in (58x70 cm)

This artwork is gifted, but I can paint another one specially for you.

Width:58 cm22.8 in
Height:70 cm27.6 in
Depth:1 cm0.4 in

RFC is a documentation for internet protocols. For example, RFC2549, defines transmission over avian carriers, and RFC2979 defines requirements for firewalls.

Our dove is about to make a hole in the firewall. Of course, if he carries the right packet. Otherwise the dove would collapse, no crap is allowed. So, through this hole he will fly out to a wonderful world of internets and come back with an ACK packet. The hole will be awaiting exactly this dove. For some time. The dove should have to hurry. If he'll bring back crap, he will die.

And if everything is okay, a window in the dovecote will open and doves with data packets will fly away. Not all at once but little by little. A few, initially. Then more and more, up to TCP MAX WINDOW SIZE.

And then, they let a dove with the FIN packet out and the hole will vanish.

This is how internets work.