One Of These Days

2021-04-02 (2016-2021)

Oil on Canvas on cardboard, 27.6x19.7 in (70x50 cm)

...I'm gonna cut you into little pieces (Pink Floyd, Meddle). And Minecraft, of course.

One Of These Days. Oil on Canvas on cardboard, 27.6x19.7 in (70x50 cm)

If for some reason you need this painting you can try to buy it. Or you can paint exactly the same by yourself.

Width:70 cm27.6 in
Height:50 cm19.7 in
Depth:0.3 cm0.1 in
Weight:1 kg2.2 lbs
Width with frame:77 cm30.3 in
Height with frame:57 cm22.4 in
Depth with frame:2 cm0.8 in
Weight with frame:1.6 kg3.5 lbs
Package width:85 cm33.5 in
Package height:65 cm25.6 in
Package depth:6.5 cm2.6 in
Tare weight:3.7 kg8.1 lbs
Gross weight:5.3 kg11.6 lbs

Original image: one-of-these-days-en.orig.jpg 4224x3120, 5.7Mb

Closeup video:

Plein Air:

Plein Air

Back side:

One Of These Days

First layer:

First layer