NFT drops


Oil on MDF, 7.9x5.7 in (20x14.5 cm)

Fridge magnets made from offcuts.

NFT drops. Oil on MDF, 7.9x5.7 in (20x14.5 cm)

If for some reason you need these fridge magnets you can try to buy them. Or you can do exactly the same by yourself.

Width:20 cm7.9 in
Height:14.5 cm5.7 in
Depth:0.5 cm0.2 in
Weight:0.1 kg0.1 lbs
Package width:8 cm3.1 in
Package height:17 cm6.7 in
Package depth:6 cm2.4 in
Tare weight:0.1 kg0.1 lbs
Gross weight:0.1 kg0.2 lbs

Original image: nft-drops-en.orig.jpg 4608x3072, 4Mb

Inspired by Moxie Marlinspike's article My first impressions of web3.

Third layer:

Third layer

Second layer:

Second layer

First layer:

First layer