2021-04-15 (2012-2021)

Oil on Canvas, 19.7x19.7 in (50x50 cm)

Portrait of Julia.

Julia. Oil on Canvas, 19.7x19.7 in (50x50 cm)

This artwork is not for sale, but I can paint another one specially for you.

Width:50 cm19.7 in
Height:50 cm19.7 in
Depth:2.5 cm1 in
Width with frame:62 cm24.4 in
Height with frame:62 cm24.4 in
Depth with frame:6.2 cm2.4 in
Weight with frame:2.6 kg5.7 lbs
Package width:70 cm27.6 in
Package height:70 cm27.6 in
Package depth:6.5 cm2.6 in
Tare weight:3.2 kg7.1 lbs
Gross weight:5.8 kg12.8 lbs

Original image: julia2-en.orig.jpg 3072x3072, 3.3Mb

My longest painting. Won't change anything anymore. Well, maybe No, I won't.

Closeup video:

Back side: