Oil on Canvas, 25.6x25.6 in (65x65 cm)

7/8 painting

7/8. Oil on Canvas, 25.6x25.6 in (65x65 cm)

This artwork is not for sale, but I can paint another one specially for you.

Width:65 cm25.6 in
Height:65 cm25.6 in

Original image: 7-8-en.orig.jpg 1600x1573, 1.5Mb

When you work remotely and are always at home, it's difficult to hide anything to make a surprise. There's no place to hide the painting, moreover, it smells of oil and varnish. Nevertheless, I did it. It's a gift for Julia on the occasion of March 8. Well, being sober I had time to paint only two flowers, all the rest is made being drunk.