Oil on MDF, 44.5x15.4 in (113x39 cm)

Series: Keyboards

Keyboard for us, programmers, is our everything!

101+1. Oil on MDF, 44.5x15.4 in (113x39 cm)

This artwork is gifted, but I can paint another one specially for you.

Width:113 cm44.5 in
Height:39 cm15.4 in
Depth:3.5 cm1.4 in
Weight:3 kg6.6 lbs
Width with frame:123.5 cm48.6 in
Height with frame:49.5 cm19.5 in
Depth with frame:6.2 cm2.4 in

Once I got bored painting all those sticks and crutches on my Web Technologies and I got an idea to paint something quick, for my soul. I had a masonite panel, on which, as everyone thought, I should have to paint a seascape and palms, but I quickly drew a keyboard on it. Then I took brush in hand and realized what I stepped into: 101 keys.

And approximately a week before it was a movie on TV. About artists. They had to paint circles on the wall, without a stencil. All circles should have to be the same and each to be special.

I searched for this movie quite long. Until someone gave me a hint, it's "Talent".

The painting on plein air:

The painting on plein air