Stupid and Naive

July 23, 2021

A month ago I've registered on some site related to the Art and Beauty, but they are turned to be a kind of startup. Pretty aggressive startup. I did not take any actions on their site, it became clear to me they just offer creating pages for artists.

That's not bad. Artists aren't IT specialists as me.
They are unable to order a VPS.
They have no least idea what it is, nor they have any idea what to do with it.
They are unable to set up a web server.
They use instagram, facebook, etc.
They don't need to setup their own mail server.
But artists can do the Beauty!
I'm trying to do the beauty, looking at what they're doing, in my own way. But I'm also can do all the above and I can do some beauty related to that, not just simple still life, landscapes, portraits, etc., which you could see in art galleries.

By the way, art galleries look weird in my home country. From my experience I have a feeling that I'm really stupid and naive in their classification as well. "Bloody teeth" — that's what I've read in comments of some art gallery's instagram. That's local artists, as they are. They have bad karma, that's it. So they have to stay in this country. As me.

Given all the insanity with customs and local laws I understand how difficult the life of an average artist over here.

I'm still hesitating to contact any art gallery abroad, just because I feel that's not my way. More on that in my next blog posts.

But as of now, those, who sent me humiliating email, offer services for artists. That idea wouldn't bad, if they were not so aggressive. That's what I dislike.

So I responded their message Seriously, Declassed, do they really think you are that stupid and naive?

Hi there, I'm just curious, in two weeks you haven't got any new thought humiliating me?
"Stupid and naive" is your ultimate skill?
Maybe, you need to take some courses, at last? Axy.

Looking forward for their response. Depending on that I'll write who they really are. Or, I'll keep silence.