Social crap

July 17, 2021

You, my lonely visitor, might notice facebook share button. My apologies for that, I made it mainly for myself, but as long as this site does not support personal accounts yet, I can't make it exclusively for me

I made this button in the way that facebook can't track you. If I made it as they suggested, they would track you. I don't want that, so I made a few corrections. No requests are issued to facebook unless you click that button. However, once you clicked it, you might see what the crap facebook is. I won't try to fix this, I followed their manual very precisely, so enjoy! That's their shame. Look how they screw things up! Wow! They hired best of the best to make such a crap!

I can be ashamed yeah, but me is me, I'm not a big tech company that sucks. Big tech sucks by definition. I have no idea what happens at their campus, but they sometimes produce some crap, such as react. Looking at sites that use react, I clearly see it's a crap. Or, it's a shit. As a non-English speaker I see no difference.

So, I'll remove this button shortly. I don't know exactly when, but I will do that. This site is just a playground and please excuse me for all the crap you might find here.


I didn't shit on their floor but they banned me. Why? They did not refer to any point of their rules. I was extremely careful. I marked my subreddit 18+ and NSFW just in case. Anyway,they banned me. They actually shitted in my soul. So I am think the same: they are shit. Yes, reddit is shit. Reddit is crap. And nothing will change my mind.