July 3, 2021

I hate to be rude. But in some cases I'm unable to keep myself calm. Sometimes I'm simply disappointed and may write inappropriate messages. After that I feel myself a numskull, I probably could find a better solution, but what's done is done.

Not mentioning a conflict with new neighbours which was very close to a scuffle, I'd like to tell about a couple of cases happened in past months.

The first one was related to my hosting provider Contabo. I found them on a FreeBSD forum and I decided to order a VPS. But it turned out I could not pay with my MasterCard. They simply did not accept such payments and I'm still wonder why, given that they were on the market about ten or even more years. They offered PayPal, Skrill, and wire transfers.

Of course, wire transfer was not an option if you need to pay €10 and the transfer costs $40-$60. PayPal is a crap, it never worked for me, moreover, those days their site was simply malfunctioning (I'm not so stupid to not to try it from various jurisdictions). So, I gave a try to Skrill.

But Skrill turned out to be not only crap, Skrill are real scammers. I created my account, deposited €14 from my MasterCard to make the payment to Contabo. But, these €14 were excluded from available funds when I tried to pay. I could only send them to other Skrill account. No word about this was on their pages, I specifically asked Julia to go through all the registration process and to double check. Skrill really DID NOT DISPLAY ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS before asking to deposit funds.

Sadly, I was unable to withdraw my funds because the minimum withdrawal requirement was €15.50. The only solution would be to donate my coins to a socially significant organization, from my point of view. To which one?

There seem to be no self-respecting organization who would use Skrill.

I tried to convert my funds to PayPal and as I expected, most exchanges from the top of search results were scammers too. Anyway, I'd already lost my funds so I had nothing to loose. I felt myself sad and was boozing on this occasion and wrote an email to Contabo, saying that if they collaborate with scammers they look like scammers too. Of course, I was wrong. But, if they implemented normal payments this wouldn't happen.

Later on I gave Contabo another try after they implemented payments with VISA/MasterCard and I'm quite satisfied with their service. My shame, later I screwed up with FreeBSD NAT, but that's another story. For now I beg my pardon for mistrust in written form.

By the way, I've heard an opinion from a person living there that the software industry was actually killed in Germany, this might be the root of all evil.

Another case was related to AngelList. I don't even remember when I signed up to their newsletter, but I regularly received their emails. In most cases I simply deleted them. In rare cases I read them. But in the last case I tried to follow links they sent. And guess what I discovered? Google Captcha!

Even you, my lonely reader, you definitely had a chance to step into this crap and I bet this is what was on you mind when you tried to check all those staircases, traffic lights, bicycles, etc.

No one pointing to such a crap is allowed to use Angel in the name. No one, without exclusions.

Nevertheless, I'm still feeling sorry for my harsh email to them. Sadly, they did not even understand what I was talking about. Probably, my English is still very bad.