Hit The Road

June 28, 2021

I don't know how to get all this, but this is new life. All the past is left behind and only the bright future is ahead.

The road

Yes, that's new life. From the ground up.

I've packed my suitcase. Don't expect any beauty in coming months. I don't know when I open it up again.

Artist's suitcase

Many interesting things have happened in past week. First, I had to withdraw my parcel from the post office. I realized it's impossible to complete all the paperwork in reasonable time to re-send the parcel under the same tracking number. In order to send my artwork abroad I need a document approving my daub as a thing with no cultural value. Only expert can issue such a document. And it does not matter the painting has 2021 on it. The attitude of the state is that customs officers are not experts, they're just a staff hired from streets and they must trust documents only.

The nearest expert is 200 km away. But he is renewing his license at the moment. That's a long process and it will last till end of summer. The next expert is 2000 km away. And farther, in capitals, there's a plenty of experts but that's 4000 km. It would be easier to relocate to a capital and push my artworks to masses from there, but for some reason I sat like Shrek in my swamp and loved my homeland. What fucking for?

Us, programmers, can sit in deep forest, as me now. Modern communications allow us think and act at a globe scale at least and at universes scale at most. Artists, especially local ones, seem to be in the worst situation. Now I begin to understand why they are eager to get to capitals.

But me, not an artist yet, why can't I simply get my own daub out of here? If I was like Ivanov, who was sitting on tsar's neck for years, then yes, I had to ask for the highest permission to get, for example, the Messiah out of home country. But I haven't received any grants, everything is done at my expense and in my free time, which has some cost as well. I, for example, had a hobby to build something and I did not ask any scum for a permission. And now, look, they want a document from experts.


Of course this is not a reason for immediate emigration, but this is a loudly ringing bell. It's always like this: you haven't completed the first step yet and the destiny already suggests the next one. I know that, yeah. I and Julia have a dream. And I have my own dream to stop writing code. And this is just the very first step but it's a very important step. It's important to find the best jurisdiction for the creativity. The homeland is absolutely unsuitable for this.

Okay, now about good things. I have received BLDC controllers. BLDC means brushless direct current. They are based on Chinese super IC JY01, they use LM339 for BEMF (Back Electromagnetic Field) signal normalization, which contains four comparators. The output stage contains three double MOSFETs, so we have a full 3-phase bridge.

Chinese sent V-scored panel:

JY01 controllers on a V-scored board

Break it into pieces:

JY01 controllers

I haven't tested it yet, had no time for this.

To understand the complexity of the problem with BLDC motors I leave a couple of links here. Both are 15-years old as of time of writing.

Also, I have finished four amplifiers (the fifth one was assembled long ago and is working in home theater):


I routed the PCB myself and ordered manufacturing from Chinese. Did not fit in cheapest dimensions so it did not matter how many boards to order, from one to five the price is same. I ordered five and almost assembled them yet in past year. Literally a day before yesterday I finally soldered missing components:

Amplifier bottom side

I made this amplifier specifically for my mediacenter. However, some quick things come out first, like <a href="/en/gallery/tv-set">TV set</a>. And the predecessor of this TV set is still in progress.

Here we go. By the way, here's a video by the subject:

They seem to be having same problems with water, as I had for last 15 years. But I'm selling out my pumps now: