Wasted week 21

May 31, 2021

Yes, in terms of Art an Beauty, this week has been wasted. Not exactly, though.

I've finished some loose ends, to hang my paintings. I don't have too many of them, but I have no idea where to hang what I have. Hanged them on free walls of my house.

And finally installed the disk:

It's totally out of sync, due to lack of any feedback.

Exactly as things go in my home country.

I think, with a feedback it could be exactly what I wanted, but I'd had to make a feedback signal normalization circuit, plus full 3-phase bridge.

Oh, no.

That's not what I want to spend my time on, especially now, when a plenty of specialized controllers are available from shelf. There should be a serious reason to waste time on a code to rotate motors. I don't have such a reason, so I've ordered an assembled board from Chinese, based on their super-mega-integrated-circuit JY01 which even has no datasheet in plain English. Everything is in Chinese. I seem to have to study Chinese.

Three pieces with shipping result in $5/piece. It would be great if they arrived before mid of June. If not, the painting will be shipped to San Francisco as is.

Maybe, "as is" is much better. Squeaking, puffing, trying to spinning up — that's the work as is, in metaphysical sense.

I can't say anything good about the work.

For example, it turned out you can't use arbitrary IP addresses in DigitalOcean's VPC networks. I wonder why. I just needed to archive droplets with demo apps as snapshots, so I could delete droplets and re-deploy them when necessary in one click. I needed a static IP address for that purpose, more precisely, a persistent IP address, which would be persistent across deletions and creations of a droplet. And it turned out I can't have such an address. I had to deploy Wireguard VPN over utmostly private network, and to define persistent addresses at that level.

In the process of all this profanity I had a thought: does Wireguard provide some default value for its LocalPort? I glanced at their docs and found 51820 in their examples! For some reason I have been observing such port numbers too often for last time.

How could they screw up like this?

I don't care about all those docker lovers, but these... These! How comes they don't know about ip_local_port_range? Of course, in 99.9% of cases 51820 will work, but in the remaining 0.1% this may lead to a nightmare in more or less serious deployments.

I had a chance to encounter such problems.

But, if their quick start begins from a video, what did I expect from them?

And everything goes this way in IT. Tips and tricks, screw ups, and things done through anus. Jobs will always be hunting us.

But the Beauty can't wait.

Today I'll start preparing my big masterpiece for the next layer of color. It's not in my gallery yet. I don't use varnishes. That's because I have read restorer's articles and lectures about turpentine and varnishes.

Yes, they all are sorts of. I don't want to say aloud what. I have examples of consequences of using them in my own paintings. So I trust restorers. And because of this, I use pure oil. And only oil.

But oil does not stick to oil. As restorer Devyatov said, it's rolling down like a water off a duck's back. And this is a real truth.

Especially, sunflower oil.

By the way, it's better than linseed oil, contrary to common misconceptions. But, people believe, for example, in MLM and we can't judge them for that.

Preparing a painting for the next round of work a real magic. But, more on that another time.