About crap

May 25, 2021

I hear sometimes "Why you're always saying crap, crap, crap... Don't you know other words? Is there anything good in your opinion, at last?"

Yes, I noticed, over time I'm grumbling like an old fart more and more. I'd be happy not to, but I step into crap every time.

Take today. I did not want to write any posts, but when I went to pay for Internet I encountered such a page:

Crap from an internet provider

Nice, isn't it? I have no idea what other people would do, we, developers, go to development tools in the browser and inspect the structure of page. Any unnecessary element can be deleted, this can make the page usable again, and the code may give some hints. This time the hint was: telegram.

Why they added this crap (yes, telegram is a crap, it's worth another post why) is out of scope of my mind. I don't care, either. What I really love is the way they did that.

I recognize myself!

The first my thought was "oops, I should deploy CSS versioning on my site". That's a smell of implementation of web protocols, from the very depths, where normal people should avoid diving in. Maybe a person, who added this crap is normal so far. Later on, he/she will gain his/her skills to unattainable heights and will push so much crap in web pages to you, end user, that you, like a COVID patient, won't feel any smell.

We, developers, will have to sniff that anyway.

I'll give you another example. Everyone is amazed what a company Apple is. State of art devices, capitalization, blah blah blah... Meanwhile, there's a known bug in their Safari browser and since about 2015 they are unable to fix it so far. I don't think they are unable to hire someone clever. I assume, there's so much crap inside that it's easier throw away everything and start from scratch.

In metaphysical sense, crap is an intrinsic property of every human. We're unable to avoid it, we have to live with it.

Ah, by the way, I have an outline of crap theory in IT, started a few years ago. Maybe I'll dig it out of my archives. Right now I don't want to.

Enough about crap. The beauty is coming.