I need to paint more

May 24, 2021

So, today is May 24, it's a new Monday, and it's going to be the second week when I won't take a brush in hand. The society requires crappy code instead of beauty and, as long as I'm not totally declassed yet (that's my ultimate goal I'm unable to achieve so far), I have to get involved in social production.

Yes, I need money and I have to produce crap. Partially those money will be spent on materials for beautiful things. But how can I step over that phase? How can I get money directly from beauty to produce beauty, without crap?

You, my lonely visitor, may argue that my artworks is crap, either. So, changing crap for crap does not make sense. Well, Van Gogh, for example, couldn't sell any of his paintings, this fact reconciles me with the reality, but...

Van Gogh hadn't had 30 years of experience in IT

So, I'll waste this week, then will make some tweaks to this site, and then... then there will be more beauty. I hope.