NIH syndrome

May 14, 2021

Not invented here (NIH) is the tendency to avoid using or buying products, research, standards, or knowledge from external origins. It is usually adopted by social, corporate, or institutional cultures. Research illustrates a strong bias against ideas from the outside.

Actually, my fingers just got itchy. The moulding I've got a month ago was still unused, I tried it on 101+1 and it looked very well. And I could not stop.

I've got the moulding just to try and to understand whether it needs reworking or not. I've got one idea but I'm still waiting something from AliExpress. I'll tell you later about this, and yesterday I've made two miter boxes, left and right ones. I've got no machines but hand tools for carpentering. I imagine you, professionals, twisting your finger to your temple. But what to do with inspiration?

Miter boxes are up side down. This is for saw teeth to get into the front side of the molding, to avoid tear out. Underlying foam rubber, pressing with one hand, sawing with another hand and get an ideal cut. Well, almost ideal.

And then... And then I had to assemble that. How they assemble these frames? I had no idea. I went to internets and learned a lot. Tried to make a staple and hammer it in. Couldn't do that alone and had to call Julia. That was a show. Finally I spat on that and glued it with a 88 glue and fixated with pieces of aluminum stripe on the back side. For now it's okay for me. Later, if I'll be about to exhibit, sell, or gift it, then I'll try to make it better, maybe

Why I told all of the above? Because this experience gave me an idea for another artwork. Could it came into my head without all these efforts? So the conclusion is not about not doing mouldings my yourself, as they write in all those internets. It's the opposite:

  1. Don't be afraid to make something
  2. Get the job done
  3. Learn your abilities
  4. Try to understand what do you need to improve your skills
  5. Do you need to improve some of your skills?